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April 2014


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Thinking critically at BSix

Bob Diyanni is a Professor at New York University USA. He has written many books and has just delivered a session to staff exploring the nature of creative and critical thinking. His teaching career has spanned six decades and his ambition has always been to inspire higher order thinking and to explore the connections between reading, writing and thinking.

Bob Diyanni

He asked staff to undertake some creative thinking by writing down a story he read out and then to give it a title and to draw a moral from the story. The widely (and wildly) different answers illustrated Bob's point perfectly. There is more than one right answer and more than one right explanation.

The story concerned four pupils of Today school who pledged to observe seven days of silence However, when night came, the oil lamps began to grow dim. One after the other, the pupils commented on the lamps. Except the last on who said: "I'm the only one who hasn't talked". The titles offered varied from 'Don't make a promise you can't keep' to 'Never let the oil out of your lamps'.