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April 2014

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World Book Night

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World Book Night

The Library celebrated World Book Night on the 23rd April by giving away nearly 600 books to our students in a highly publicised and well-received event in the Canteen. The event ran from 12.30 – 2.30 and was very well attended by students, many of whom were anxious to take multiple books home with them to read. The popularity of this event can be seen from the fact that all of the books available were taken by students, and the Library has already been inundated with requests for another giveaway.

World Book Night at BSix
World Book Night at BSix

The books on offer to students contained a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, including supernatural, crime, thrillers, romance, and fantasy. The Library Team was delighted that so many students came to visit the stall and were genuinely excited by the prospect of receiving free books. It was an excellent opportunity for Library staff to positively interact with students, and a great chance to help students pick books which would be well suited to their reading preferences. This was beneficial to both staff and students, as it allowed for spontaneous discussion about books and reading which provided insights for all involved. Students told staff that "this is an excellent event", "doing this every year would be brilliant" and that "I haven't read for a while, but I'm going to start again now", which is very encouraging feedback. Students were both incredulous and impressed by the fact that the books were brand new and completely free, with no strings attached. It was very encouraging to see students recommending books to each other, and sharing a love of reading.

The impetus behind World Book Night is to encourage people who currently read only infrequently, or not at all, to start reading more. World Book Night is a national initiative of book giving which is achieved through people applying to be 'givers' and, if successful, receiving 18 copies of a book to give away. Thanks to the generous involvement of staff members throughout BSix, we were able to receive large amounts of these books to give to our students, which were very gratefully received. This shows the great sense of community which is prevalent within BSix. In addition to this, we were lucky enough to receive books from a publishing company which is moving offices, giving us an even wider variety of texts, which were very popular with the students. The increase in students reading will no doubt have a positive impact on their literacy, as well as hopefully fostering a lifelong love of reading. Studies such as this one by Oxford University show that 'reading books was found to be linked with a higher chance of students going to university', indicating the impact of events such as this. Additionally as The Literacy Trust explains, 'literacy is thought to be linked to criminality' and '25% of young offenders…have reading skills below those of the average seven-year-old', which further emphasises the importance of literacy, and therefore reading.

With this is mind, the Library Team would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this event possible – we really appreciate your help. We're hoping that BSix can now celebrate World Book Night as an annual event, and that it will keep on getting bigger and better as more staff get involved in this worthy initiative.