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February 2014

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BSix celebrates Year of the Horse

BSix as just celebrated Chinese New Year in the canteen. Students were treated to a show by the College's Korean Dance Club. This was followed by a Chinese Lion dance .A fabulous and extensive menu of Chinese food was prepared by the College's award-winning restaurateur, Amar Ahluwalia. 

Chinese New Year

This event is one of a series to celebrate the diversity of the student and staff body at BSix. Ofsted noted, during its inspection of the College in March 2013, that the celebration of diversity gives BSix its "distinctive identity".

The College has Investors in Diversity status.it is also involved in a major research project called 2Living multiculture. Researchers for the Open and Leicester Universities are investigating how members of diverse communities live together and interact day by day.

"There was a great atmosphere today", says Denise Roulston, the College's Vice-Principal: Learning Beyond the Classroom. "We are proud to embrace, celebrate and promote the diverse backgrounds of our staff and students."

For the full galley of the event click here