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February 2014

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BSix students aiming high

The Russell Group represents 24 leading universities, which are committed to maintaining the very best research and teaching and learning experience. There has been a surge in the number of BSix students applying to Russell Group universities. In 2012 131 students applied to these highly competitive institutions. In 2013 126 applied. This year the figure has leapt to 172.

Raising Aspirations

The two most popular places are Queen Mary University of London (76 applications) and King’s College London (62). However, what is also striking is the number of applications to universities outside of London. These include Southampton (19 applications), Manchester (16), Birmingham (12), Bristol and Exeter (11) and York (10). Four year ago no BSix students applied to York and very few considered Southampton.

These figures reflect the influence of the College’s Raising Aspirations programme. This is an award-winning academic programme. It began in 2008 with a collaboration between BSix and Pembroke College Oxford and has expanded to encompass partnerships with 19 universities.

Ed Durbin is the Head of Raising Aspirations at the College. Himself a graduate of Pembroke College Oxford, Ed says he is delighted with this news. “I am so pleased that our students are becoming increasingly ambitious and are now considering institutions well outside of London .It is no coincidence, for example, that York and Southampton are two of our closest partners and there has been a subsequent rise in the number of applications there.”

Last year 28 students went on to Russell Group universities:

Russell Group

BSix is hosting a Progression Fair on Saturday 8th March at which many universities and employers will be present to discuss career and university options with young people and their parents.