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December 2015

BSix students win favour from city’s ‘Dragons’

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BSix students win favour from city’s ‘Dragons’

On the 10th and 17th December, two teams of students entered the ‘Dragons Den’ to pitch their project ideas to senior business leaders from across the city.

Dragons Den

The students were representing BSix College in the inter-school competition The Community-Apprentice.  Loosely based on the TV show the Apprentice, teams of young people compete to develop, and crucially demonstrate, their skills whilst managing their own projects.  But in this case, they compete not to see who can make the most money, but who can make the biggest positive impact on their community.

The programme allows pupils to tackle real life challenges which require them to manage risk and to develop their decision making, team building and problem solving skills.
Our lucky students are being mentored through the programme by corporate mentors from Allford Hall Monogram Morris (AHMM) who are one of the biggest Architectural companies in the UK (http://www.ahmm.co.uk/).The mentors are helping students to reflect on the skills they are developing through their projects, such as organisation and problem solving and explore how these are relevant to the world of work.

A key focus for the students through the autumn term has been developing their communication skills.   Students have had to identify an issue which concerns them in the community and explain why this matters in a film which must be no more than two minutes long and filmed in a single take.

Students have subsequently had to work together as a team to develop a plan for what they want to do to tackle the issue they have chosen.  Team Discrimination are concerned about stereotypes surrounding young people in school and with the police within their local community of Hackney while Team Stop Drugs 2016 wanted to focus on the ever growing issue of drug addiction and how it can affect families and relationships.

On December 10th, the team took part in the pitching challenge which was held in the intimidating surroundings of White & Case. 10 teams from schools from across the city took part giving students the opportunity to watch each other to help them learn what makes a successful pitch. The other team also took part in a pitching challenge, held on December 17th at the Envision head offices which again saw a number of teams pitching.

Students were pitching for grants for their projects and feedback and advice from dragons about how they can make their projects most successful. 

Nigel Harris, Finance Director at AHMM said that he was ‘’really impressed with how the students composed themselves during the pitch, expressed their passion for their chosen issue and demonstrated their desire to make a difference in their community.’’

Both teams from BSix managed to convince the panellists that their project was worth backing, and received the money that they asked for.