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December 2015

Prem Goyal OBE JP, CEO of Global Markets Consultants, at BSix!

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Prem Goyal OBE JP, CEO of Global Markets Consultants, at BSix!

The City entrepreneur, political activist and community organiser visited BSix with an inspirational message for all BSix students.

Prem Goyal

Students (and staff!) from across BSix College filled the theatre twice over as Prem discussed his inspirational journey from collecting buffalo dung as a child in India to becoming CEO of a major global finance firm, Global Markets Consultants, in London.

Opening with the quote by Mahatma Gandhi “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”, Prem focused on the key message that students should manage their time properly “textbooks over Facebook”, and think about ways to invest in yourselves.

Moving into his own life story, Prem told the eager audience that he grew up near Delhi, India, and was the youngest of 11 children and attended state schools. During the summers as a child he lived in a home with no bathroom or running water and just one electric light (when it worked). Following a hard earned career in engineering, Prem saved hard to do an MBA at UCLA in California, and went on to work for global companies in New York, Tokyo and Zurich before settling in London and founding Global Markets Consultants, in 2002.

Prem Goyal

Tackling time management, Prem challenged students to monitor how much time they spend making money for other people by watching TV, using the internet and browsing social media.  On average, Prem said, Londoners spent 6-7 hours per day on entertainment. Prem deliberately plans 1hr of entertainment, freeing up 6 hours a day or 42 hours a week! What could each student do with all that extra time?

Moving on to investing in yourself, Prem asked the students to ask this question about everything they do:  Can I talk about this in an interview? Can I put it on my CV?”. Investing in yourself is pivotal to success Prem argued, with voluntary work being some of the most developmental and rewarding in his experience. Prem’s volunteering highlights include being a Magistrate, former college Governor, charity Trustee and active Patron, raising £150,000 for charities including MacMillan Cancer Support, Get Kids Going, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Rainbow Children’s Hospice and the British Red Cross.

On a related note, Prem argued that independence through saving money instead of spending on fancy gadgets and clothes, along with cooking your own food led to a healthy life style and better mental wellbeing. These habits are the key to success in the world of work!

Prem Goyal

Students actively engaged with Prem, asking a range of questions including why he changed careers from engineering to finance; what his plans were for the Global Markets Consultants, how to be a global citizen, and what his advice was for their own student businesses!

After the event, students and staff feedback included:
“Prem managed to be successful, achieving against the challenges of studying in a foreign country where he didn’t know anyone, had to speak a different language, and suffered from a serious health issue. Prem made me believe in my ability to make my plans come true” – Tamara, BSix Student Union President

“If you truly want something you will work hard enough for it as he did when he moved from India to the US and had to start from the bottom and work your way up.” – Aisha, BSix Student Union Vice President

‘Prem’s visit and talk to BTEC L2 & L3 students was inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking and at times humorous.  It provided the students with an insight into the value of education and aspirations for their future.  A very welcome visit’. – Paul Dogra, Senior Tutor Business and IT

Prem Goyal

’ Prem Goyal was an incredible speaker,  his answers are straight forward and his life and work experiences are really inspiring, besides his perception about volunteering  was crucial advice to BSix students.’’ – Jane Sacco, World of Work Coordinator

‘I first heard Prem speak at ‘The Reflections of the Lord Mayor’ event in October at which some of our students were volunteering. The students and I were immediately struck by his journey, success and the strength of his message. I had the pleasure to speak with him at some length and he was keen to support BSix in any way he could and especially to help young people to understand that whilst they might currently be financially poor, they have the advantage of being incredibly ‘time rich’; and that if they learn to manage their time in a suitable way, then anything is achievable! I am thrilled at the prospect that this is just the start of a beneficial relationship between BSix and Global Markets Consultants’ – Rebekah Westgate, Assistant Principal Staff and Student Recruitment

The visit was organised by Rebekah Westgate, Assistant Principal Staff and Student Recruitment, and Roger Kendrick, the Learning Beyond the Classroom Coordinator for the Student Union and Diversity Events.

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