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December 2015
Researching progress at BSix

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Researching progress at BSix 1

Bsix has commissioned UCL Institute of Education , the No 1 leading teacher training establishment in the world, to conduct three pieces of research. The intention is to chart the progress of the College in 2015/16.

Jo Elvin

The first report has just been published. It is based on interviews with nine managers, a representative of the National Union of Teachers , an officer of Hackney Learning Trust and focus groups with four groups of students , Senior Tutors , two groups of student support staff and one teaching department.

The report is strongly positive: "Among managers and staff there is agreement that morale has significantly improved recently. The ethos pf the college is now good ; managers are seen as accessible and open." Further: "Those staff interviewed confirmed that morale is high , and that the college ethos is in a good place. Structures are now clearer, and communications have improved."


Students spoke positively about their experience in the classroom: "Students consider the quality of teaching and learning support to be high , and welcome being given responsibility for their own learning." Also : "Staff are putting extra effort. 'They help you a lot. They make you do your homework'. "


The research also praised the college's partnership work with universities via the Hackney University Extension programme. "University destinations are good , and the Pem-Brooke initiative has raised the college profile."

The College's Principal, Ken Warman, concludes ; "It is gratifying that this research has confirmed that the College is making such rapid improvement this academic year and that this is having a palpable impact on the experience of both staff and students. We now have to maintain this momentum in order to achieve our ambitious vision for BSix."