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August 2017
Music is booming at BSix

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A Level Success at BSix

Another year of A Level success has come around at BSix. 14 courses recorded 100% pass rates.

These include:

Anthropology A2

Film Studies A2

Art & Design A2

Media Studies A2

Business Studies A2

Photography AS and A2

Drama & Theatre Studies AS and A2

Sociology A2

English Studies A2



One of the most impressive features of these performances is that they often involve a significant number of students.  The most striking example is A2 sociology in which all 29 students passed.  Their teacher was Gill Boocock who has a reputation as a consummate practitioner in the borough.  She says: “I am so pleased with these results.  I pushed and pushed students to show that they could succeed and succeed well at A Level.  I think I finally convinced them but I think they also realised that, in the end, it is down to them – hard work, focus, continual writing and rewriting, commitment”. A and B are classed as ‘high grades’ and 52% of the A2 class achieved these – 2 A*s, 5 As and 8 Bs.  These were joined by 9 Cs.


There was particularly strong progress in the AS sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology saw its success rate rise by 18%; Chemistry by 31% and Physics by 46%.  “These are amazing figures”, says Tony Pike, the new Head of Science & Maths.  “These are testimony to the hard work of staff and students in the department.  They are also a good sign as our highly successful students in the sciences progress on to the second year of their A Levels”.

“Overall, we are pleased that the significant progress registered last year has been maintained.  There are some areas of real excellence, particularly in the Creative Industries and the Sciences.  A2 Sociology shows the College at its very best, delivering high achievement and significant progress for all”.