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June 2017

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ESOL trip to Cambridge

It was a good day, despite pouring with rain for most of it (and only having 2 umbrellas between 12 of us). As a result, the college treated them to two rounds of warming refreshments (tea & coffee) to dry out and revive spirits, the latter at the Orchard Tea Rooms in Grantchester where Virginia Woolf, Wittgenstein, Keynes, Russell, TS Eliot and Rupert Brook used to meet and discuss things. While there, we also walked down past the village cricket field to the River Cam in the drizzle, so a taste of true England was savoured by all!

The main event was a visit to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology where Dr Mark Elliott, Senior Curator for Anthropology, gave us a fascinating introduction to the current ‘Another India’ exhibition – culled from over 7,000 objects in the Museum’s collection, most of which hadn’t been examined since received  – about the Adavasi peoples of India (indigenous, and outside the caste system). The museum goes to great lengths to make living connections with the peoples whose objects it holds and exhibits, so the exhibition included recently created art works by Adavasi people. We then had a tour of the main collection, including the 46 foot Totem pole from the Pacific northwest of America (to accommodate which the museum was designed and built, even though they didn’t have one at the time! But Oxford did. The MAA’s top priority to obtain one was fulfilled 13 years later, since when, as we all know, Cambridge has pulled ahead in every field. ;)

The Museum isn’t large, so they only display 0.7 percent of the objects in their collection at any given time. 

The museum’s site is here: