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June 2017
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BSix Public Service students debate in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Four months ago the Supreme Court gave its final judgment on Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal, defeating the Government’s appeal and reminding the public that the Rule of Law remained at the centre of British politics. Speaking in the very own court rooms where eleven judges made history last January, students had a chance to have their say on issues of public and constitutional importance.

In conjunction with their Public Service course, students from BSix Sixth Form College in Hackney held a debate in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, an exciting opportunity that developed their critical thinking and public speaking skills and an experience that would be remembered for the rest of their lives.


During their visit students had a chance to learn about the separation of powers, the role of the highest court in the land and the constitutional significance of the Supreme Court, but most importantly, students were able to step outside the classroom and engage with hands on experience of the justice system in one of the most respected institutions in the globe.

As part of their ‘Citizenship and Diversity’ unit, students were asked to debate whether a business should have the right to deny service to a customer based on religious beliefs, a case that was previously heard by the Supreme Court. With the assistance of professional lawyers, students where split into opposing groups, carefully constructing and formulating their arguments.

A third group of students acted as judges, considering the strength of the arguments put before them on the point of law at stake. Despite solid arguments coming from both sides of the court, the panel of judges concluded the case, making it unlawful to deny a service to a costumer based on religious beliefs.


The day ended with a Q&A session with a panel of lawyers where students where enthusiastic to learn more about their day to day job and professional development. It was a valuable session and students left the Supreme Court feeling inspired and motivated about their career prospects. Many of the students would like to pursue a career in the Public Service or continue onto higher education in a range of areas including Law and Criminology.

A day of hard work and fruitful debate paid off and BSix students left proud to be representative of their College and their community in Hackney.

Written by Karla Farrell