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October 2017

Celebrating Diversity in true BSix Style!

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Celebrating diversity and empowering students

Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Thanks to our new recruits from the BSix Student Union, Diwali was marked with colourful Rangoli decorations, beautiful Henna, a special lunch-time menu from our Diversity Kitchen along with a live classical Indian Sitar and Tabla ensemble. It was heartening to see student volunteers step forward to demonstrate traditional Hindu dance.



On the same day, at the same time, there was a huge turn out for the “electric performance” from our Creative Industries department showcasing their musical talents. This was not just on stage but behind the scenes with detailed technical set-up and backstage preparations. It was very impressive, especially as these students have only been studying at BSix for half a term!


Just when you thought it was enough for one day…there's more... BSix hosted the annual Clean up Clapton event which proved yet again to be a great success.

BSix foster the spirit of community and empowerment of young people to “Have their say”
I was really energised after attending the Clean-up Clapton panel event ‘Have your Say’ on Thursday 19th October. I thought it was a great opportunity for our students to be informed about and discuss important issues; ranging from global warming and recycling, to crime and interaction with the police. The event concluded with the contentious issue of Brexit and the impact it could have, especially for the future of young people.

The engaging panel was chaired by Counsellor Michael Desmond and included the Speaker of Hackney and a representative from Divest Hackney and Initiatives of Change.  There were also representatives from ecoACTIVE, a local environmental charity who work with students to engage with them on sustainability issues, they expressed a strong interest in collaborating with our very own BCitizens, many of whom have already demonstrated they are willing to making positive change within the college.


I think it is important to have platforms like this where students receive the opportunity to discuss issues which directly affect them and expose them to wider issues that impact their lives. The more informed and engaged our students are the better it is for society as a whole. This sentiment was echoed by the panellists, who spoke passionately about the need for an educated and engaged student body in order to transform our society. 

BSix College is passionate about working together to develop student leadership skills and to foster the spirit of community and empowerment of young people so that they believe they can make change possible.