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October 2017

From Norway to BSix!

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Leadership Training Day

On Wednesday 25thOctober 2017 members of BSix’s Student Voice joined forces and attended a Leadership Training day, led by Citizens UK’s, Caitlin Burbridge. The informative training day was held at BSix College and attendees included members of the BCitizens, Student Ambassadors and Student Union.

From Norway to BSix!

The day was created to inform the students of essential qualities needed to be a leader, how to work well together, as well as practical lessons on how to build power and take action on meaningful causes, both internally and externally.

At the beginning of the day the students felt that “it’s hard to feel confident when they [government bodies] are the ones in power”. However, throughout the day the students engaged in role play scenarios, where they learnt to negotiate. This equipped them with the knowledge, motivation and confidence to trust that they collectively have enough power to transform their surroundings. BCitizen member, Mathew Pinter, revealed that the leadership training taught him that “change does not happen overnight, but change is something that we need to work towards, little by little and gradually those small steps will equate to a movement of the masses.” This realisation was a theme amongst the Student Voice and as a result they plan to stand together and make a positive difference to their environment. Student Union and Student Ambassador member, Adrianna Ilie, acknowledged that she walked away from the day with renewed self-belief, stating that “a leader is not only the one that dictates, but leaders can be found amongst the students too and we all need to work together and make a change.”