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Are you interested in studying BTEC Health and Social Care or CACHE Childcare at BSix in September? You’ve made a good choice!

Several well- equipped rooms accommodate our students including a recently finished nursery, clinic and lap- top suite.  Our aim is to deliver quality lessons and maintain consistently high standards – we want to give you a real sense of progress and makes sure that you receive the necessary support to meet your individual needs and achieve your potential.


The department provides a range of applied courses offered at Level 1 to 3 that offer our students pathways to a broad range of careers in the Health and Social Care and Childcare sector.
A well -organised, challenging and innovative work experience programme ensures that you develop understanding of the demands and requirements of working in the health & social care and Childcare sector.

If you have any questions about any of the courses we offer, please feel free to get in touch.
If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry


Ofsted 2013

"Teachers are experienced care practitioners and use their knowledge well to make sure that students make effective links between theory and practical placement experience."

"Teachers use praise and encouragement to motivate students and ask searching questions to make sure students understand what they are doing."

"Teachers assess students' work thoroughly and accurately."

"Students receive excellent support which enables an increasing number of them to make good progress and complete their course successfully. Teachers provide an extensive range of very helpful workshops to provide additional opportunities for students to extend their learning."

"The promotion of equality and diversity has a high priority and is very effective. Students learn about the care needs of different client groups and demonstrate appropriate respect for, and understanding of, individual rights."