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Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production
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In this course, you will learn advanced music production techniques using industry standard software such as Logic Pro. You will also gain an insight into the music industry and will be expected to create your own record company and music products, using marketing techniques used by musicians. You will develop specialist skills in DJ Technology and Live Electronic Performance using Serato DJ and Ableton Live software. You will learn to use hardware devices for your electronic performance such as AKAI controllers, Ableton Push and Numark DJ consoles. The final stage of this course will require you to plan, manage and put on a music performance as well as producing high level multi-track recordings.

Units of Assessment

  • Principles of music performance and production
  • Critical listening and music composition
  • Music industry and professional practice
  • Critical and contextual awareness for music performance and production
  • Music production in context
  • Music performance in context
  • Preparation for specialist study in music performance and production
  • Collaborative music performance project

Testimonials from BSix Music Alumni

Ricardo Armando Fernandes:
Right now I'm working at my secondary school as a music teaching assistant and have a publishing deal with Virgin\EMI. BSix has taught me a lot specially the teachers that I had in the Music Tech department. They made me see music at a different light and life in general too. Without them I don't think I would be where I want to be personally and professionally. They always pushed the students to do their best and succeed. If I didn't have the teachers that I had God knows what I would be doing now. Learning Music Technology at BSix is definitely an experience I will never forget.

Andrew Isaias:
BSix helped me grow not only as a musician and an academic, but also as a person. With the wide range of skills I developed in BSix, I went onto further my education at university and will hopefully pursue a career in the film /music industry. The department provided me with the facilities I needed to succeed, and the teachers were enthusiastic and were quick to provide helpful feedback on my work, helping me to ultimately achieve D*D*D*

Usmaama Mwembe:
I did my first year at another college but didn't find what I was learning engaging or helpful so I decided to move to BSix. I really enjoyed the Music Tech course, what I liked the most was that we weren't always in the class room and we had more than one teacher. At BSix you can get support in anything you want to do, politics , music , cooking, etc. just keep showing your teachers that your serious about your ambitions and they'll help any way they can. While I was at BSix, with the support from my teachers Toby, Bob and Paul I was able to professionally produce, write and record a track and even make an animated music video. The college helped me and my group perform at festivals and other shows too! Though the course was fun there was a lot of hard work and essays but with the belief from my teachers I managed to get a Triple Distinction. There's so much that I've learned at BSix that has made university lectures (at SAE) easier to understand so the transition was not too rough and even after leaving I can still contact the college for support and advice.

Very grateful for my time at BSix and to all the staff there.

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Bob Chapman

Kishan Pithia - Head of Creative Industries and music technology
Kishan has been involved in music pedagogy for the past 11 years. His specialisms include improvisation, cross-art collaboration and technology. Kishan has worked in many large inner-city London colleges as well as establishing strong community links with arts organisations. Kishan comes from a family of established classical Indian musicians. In 2008, Kishan received recognition from the AoC for his Indian Fusion FE Band called ‘Nashaa’ which provided a platform for young musicians to perform Indian fusion music in prestigious venues such as the Barbican, The Royal festival Hall and the ICC Birmingham.

Tobias Silvester
Tobias Silvester - Lecturer
Tobias has been involved in composing and performing music for the past 15 years. He has worked as a session musician (guitar, bass, and vocals) with a variety of acts and labels both touring and recording. In addition he fronted his own group, writing and releasing music with an independent label. He has worked as live recording engineer and mix engineer for several short TV productions and composed music for film.