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GCSE Maths
Studying GCSE Maths at BSix

Mathematics GCSE is an intensive re-sit course completed in one year. It is taken by all 16-18 year old students who have not as yet achieved a C grade or higher at GCSE. This course will help you to progress to further study or to a career.

Mathematical skills are important to us all, and through the GCSE program you will develop these skills by learning algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics, as required by the syllabus. You will learn through formal teaching and individual work on problems and exercises. You will be taught for four hour per week, all theory sessions will be taught in fully equipped classrooms using a range of teaching methods and online learning resources.

There will be regular class assessments and mock exams to enable you to monitor your progress. In addition to the Library, the College online Moodle system will be available to you to access information, links and practice papers. The external examinations consist of two exam papers which are set by the Edexcel board for their linear syllabus.

Recommended reading
Edexcel GCSE, Mathematics A, Linear Higher, Keith Pledger.
Use maths watch CD's
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GCSE Maths beyond the Classroom
GCSE students have a lot of study commitments but are still encouraged to develop themselves in the widest possible sense and extra-curricular activities form an essential part of BSix college life. This enables Students to take part in a vast array of activities, which enables them to discover new interests – intellectual, cultural and sporting. Students can use activities allocated time for extra lessons and tutorials, or to develop skills personal to them both physically and academically.

Annually we take part in a range of national and regional competitions in a wide range of subject areas for those keen to show off the skills they have gained on their courses. Competition entry is not compulsory and does not apply to all subject areas; please ask your tutor if it applies to your course.

BSix GCSE alumni
Many BSix GCSE students after completing the course progressed to studying L3 courses in the college or elsewhere, and some students took apprenticeships.

If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry

GCSE Maths at BSix is taught by Miranda Davis, Richard Walsh Aqib Zahid and Aferdita Sula who are all experienced and qualified teachers.