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GCSE History
Studying GCSE History at BSix
History is a collection of stories about how human beings have lived and died, fought and cooperated with each other in the shaping of our world. Together, these stories make up our collective memory. Just as our memory is considered important for each of us individually, collective memory is important for society.

How did life in Britain change after the Second World War? What was it like growing up black in the Deep South of the United States under Jim Crow? How and why did a revolution take place in Russia in 1917? How did the world come to be split between two super powers in the mid twentieth century? Answering these questions and studying these fascinating periods of history will help us make better sense of the present.

Units of Assessment:
Era of the Cold War 1943 – 1991
Russia 1914-39
Transformation of British Society 1951-79
Civil Rights and Protest in the USA 1945-70

Recommended reading/viewing
Fairclough A, Martin Luther King (University of Georgia Press, 1995)
Martin Luther King's Last Campaign (W. W. Norton & Company,
Moody, Anne Coming of Age in Mississippi (Dell, 1992)
Peniel, Joseph The Black Power Movement (Routledge, 2006)
Tuck, Stephen We Ain’t What We Ought to Be (Harvard University Press, 2011)
Edexcel GCSE History A the Making of the Modern World: Unit 2B Russia 1914-39 2013
Edexcel GCSE History A the Making of the Modern World: Unit 1 International Relations: the Era of the Cold War 1943-91 2013
Edexcel GCSE History A the Making of the Modern World: Unit 3C the Transformation of British Society C1951-79 2013
Eyes on the Prize - an American television series and 14-hour documentary about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
Freedom Riders – film

Beyond the classroom
History is brought to life at BSix, both within and beyond the classroom by students and teachers. Young historians have the opportunity to delve into local and national archives, libraries, museums, art galleries or cinemas, wherever relevant exhibitions or films may be showing.  We make every effort to enrich the curriculum by engaging with historians at the forefront of the field and arranging to meet people who have lived through some of the extraordinary events we study.

Student Voice
“History is quite interesting and the teachers help you understand it.” Mariama Kapuwa
“History is a good choice because you have the chance to learn about important things like civil rights and Russia.” Gina Sanchez

“GCSE History is a great thing to learn because you get to reveal the past and compare how times have changed.” Chantel Saul.
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History teachers at BSix have a wide range of expertise in the subject and teaching experience. All History teachers were trained at the Institute of Education, University of London - widely acknowledged as the premiere teacher-training body in the world.